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West Heritage x Sackcloth & Ashes
The past couple of weeks, we’ve been in touch with a company from the PNW called Sackcloth & Ashes who makes handmade blankets. But what really caught my attention is that with every blanket you purchase, another blanket is given to your nearest homeless shelter.
We feel so good about having a couple of their items in our shop and in being a part of this, and we’ll be sharing their story on the Journal this week!

i love this concept.
Because the greatest part of a road trip isn’t arriving at your destination. It’s all the wild stuff that happens along the way.
— Matthew Fisher on Tamed by Emma Chase (via suspend)

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I have always loved the fall time. I don’t know if it’s because I’m still a student, but that feeling of starting over and being better always hits me harder in September then it does at the start of the New Year. It’s a time for reflection – where was I a year ago? Am I in a better place or have I been stagnant?

And I’m happy to say that I have accomplished so much more than I would’ve thought in a short span of time. I’m on my way to graduating, I’ve interned at incredible companies and have had unforgettable opportunities. But despite all of that, I feel like I’m disappointed in myself.

I made a pledge to seek the Lord more in my daily life and not just when I needed something from him. I wanted to immerse myself in his word and live my life wholly for him and his glory. But the more I look at what I’ve been doing, it seems like he has taken a back seat in my life, as always. How selfish and ungrateful to not give all of myself to my creator. I want so much to open my heart to him and live according to his plan but I feel as if my faith isn’t strong enough.

It’s a hard thing to admit, especially living in a house where my mother and sister’s faith is written plainly in every part of their lives. It’s hard to talk to them about what I’m feeling because mostly, I don’t know what I’m feeling.

I guess with everything, it’s going to take time. To live in his word, I have to learn and study his word. It’s just that simple. Sit down and crack open my bible and read. I’m going to make a new promise to myself and hold myself accountable for my weak relationship with the Lord.

I’ve been blessed with a new season. It’s going to be a season of reflection, a time for growth and for shedding my old skin.


friendly reminder: we were made by love, for love, and in the image of love.

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Mornings like these. by thedenizenco on Flickr.